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Teacher2go version 2.6 released

Today, we released Teacher2go version 2.6. It contains many bug fixes, imrovements and new features, e.g.:

  • Re-designed and simplified entry of reminders
  • Tags and individual remarks for each student’s reminder (can be dependent on the reminder’s category) and adopted reports
  • Optionally „flattened“ grade calculation (all grades of a category are considered individually when calculating the parent category’s grade)
  • Result statistics for several reports
  • Report for serial inputs
  • Optionally generate HTML report instead of PDF (faster when printing or sending via email is not needed)
  • User-defined lookup texts for several fields (e.g. in students, reminders, timetable entries)
  • Directly create a student’s absence from seating plan for current/last lesson

For details, please have a look at the release notes.

For our customers, the update is available for free in the App Store.

IMPORTANT: Please note that – due to App Store requirements of Apple – since version 2.5 the app does not backup your data into iCloud or iTunes any more. Therefore, it is very important that you regularly create a manual database backup using the functions inside Teacher2go.